Ristorante di Pesce Centro Storico Roma | Crispi19

The basis of Mediterranean cuisine are the ingredients of the Italian tradition: extra virgin olive oil, fresh fish coming from our shores, selected Italian meat , seasonal fruits and vegetables from our country.
With the skill of our chefs, led by Fabio Mancuso, National Italian Chefs FIC member, these simple and natural ingredients combine to make a great dish to satisfy, without exaggeration or exclusion, all gourmets.
In our large aquarium we keep crustaceans like lobsters and classic blue lobsters, crabs and mantis shrimp.
Vegetarians and meat lovers will not be disappointed because our menu offers to them lots of delicious surprises.
Our kitchen prepares daily fresh pasta such as fettuccine and scialatielli, ravioli, tortellini and agnolotti stuffed with fish or cheese, a diversity of bread and cakes to satisfy the most discerning palates.
Rich dessert menu prepared by our pastry chefs to bring the meal to a satisfactory end.
All dishes are prepared at the time to preserve the aromas and flavors in the best tradition of "Italian Slow Food" so Crispi 19 will be for you an unforgettable experience.
Has collected major national awards and his dishes have been delighting customers from the best restaurants in Italy. He's a member of the National Italian Chefs Team to represent Italy in the international competitions.
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